1970 - 1992, grey, 1.65m  
by Nordlys xx out of Ferns Lass by Water Serpentxx Ballycotton - Gortlee

 Norson carries some of the best ever thoroughbred blood that Ireland has been able to produce. This kind of blood is always modern, but in the modern world, these kinds of thoroughbreds really do not exist any more. So to find the legendary blood of Nordlys xx and Water Serpent xx, directly in the first generations of a stallion, is really very exceptional to find today! Both these stallions are famous for the fantastic jumpers they produced, and I am sure eventers as well. Just take the mare Mullacrew, by Nordlys xx out of a dam by Water Serpent xx, and she was good enough to represent Ireland for many years in not only Nations Cups but international Grand Prix. When she retired as a competition horse in later years she gave birth to Cruising, one of the most famous international jumpers in Ireland and a very good sire of showjumpers. This proves the blood of Nordlys xx and Water Serpent xx, and this blood is key to use directly on any mare if you want to upgrade your bloodstock, Irish or otherwise.

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